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February 19, 2014


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From one Cheer Bear owner to another, I love love love this. With all my heart.

{my childhood lovey was a puffalump-- remember those??-- Since my kids have been tiny, if their lovies were in the wash or left at grandma's, puffy was always an extra special stand in.}

I remember that day well and how happy you were to get Cheer Bear. I love the way you introduced Dean to her and I love his reaction. She's been a special part of our family for so long. The memories of you as a little girl with Cheer Bear are ones I cherish. Every child should have a special friend like her and Dean's Stu. I agree with Dean. The Angry Birds would be too rough with her. We don't want anything happening to Cheer Bear.

oh bless him he is just so adorable :-)

Liam has my very tattered Good Luck bear. :)

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