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August 18, 2013


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Sniffling with you! Love you.

expect the nothing response a lot from here on out, but also know that he will need you even more. school is an adventure, but when there are moments of uncertainty, he will talk to you about them. be listening for them as he unpacks his backpack or is eating an afternoon snack or in the middle of your favorite TV program, he'll ask you a deep question or express something that you find surprising (not necessarily something bad...just something that seems beyond his years), but that he feels safe telling you about it. it's all good. you have been, are, and will be a great mom to this growing young man! ~Nancy (your mom's friend) from FB

We read "The Kissing Hand" to Kara the night before and OMG gaaaaah.

Dean will be (is) great. And so will (are) you.

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