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April 16, 2013


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Apples and mayo????!!!!

I had a cousin who, for a snack, would dip whole pieces of white bread in milk. Kids are gross :).

Um, apples with mayonnaise. It may be a new taste sensation!

In other news, I love to eat banana sandwiches on buttered toast with mayonnaise. Now I know that sounds like an odd combination but my mom always made those sandwiches for us as kids and it is delicious.

Apples with mayo? Never tried that! Not afraid to experiment :-)

I know what you mean, I love trying new recipes, but it seems that I always get the same requests from my family and friends!

Apples and mayo? Seriously???!! YUCK DEAN-O, YUCK!! I worked at McDonald's in grade 11 and was horrified at the number of customers who ordered mayo or McChicken sauce to use as dips for fries. Blech. In fact it was working at McDonald's and seeing the enormous vats of mayo that turned me off of mayo forever. Anyway, I think we all have standby recipes that work no matter what, if "yours" is your husband's tacos, you are a lucky woman! Mine is my husband's chicken wings, which as a vegetarian I don't even eat, but I demand that he make them if people come over because they disappear within seconds whether he makes one tray or three.

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