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January 07, 2013


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Thanks for sharing your life list. I know you will accomplish them all.

Can you please take me with you to celebrate your 40th birthday in NYC? That sounds like a VERY fun birthday!!! I'll start saving now. ;) And I love LOVE your description regarding Disney... save save save, pay for it over the course of a year, and when you go, it's PAID for so you can relax & soak it all in!!! If you need any Disney tips, please let me know! it is one of the best things we spent our money on last year.

The day we meet in person will be a happy day for sure {just make sure you learn the eye-make-up thing first so you can teach me}. This is a great list!

"Feed people--their stomachs, their minds, their souls." That is just absolutely brilliant. Well put.

Your list is incredible and seemingly quite do-able. Thanks for sharing!

Love your list, Jen.

Why are you afraid of fondant? I'm not a big fan, so if you can do frosting I say stay away from the fondant!! ;)

If I could plant anything that would live at all that would be so awesome. Sigh. Black thumbs here.

Fantastic list! I'm with you on SO many of these, especially the idea of eating my way through Italy (I plan to do the same in Paris)!

I took Mario on a surprise week-long trip to NYC for his 40th birthday. We both had an amazing time & he said it was the best birthday he's ever had. :-)

A life list is such a wonderful thing to have. I so hear you on being good with a calmer life, and also that part about the meet-up? Yesssss. I have been blogging quietly, just in pictures and quotes, mostly, for a little while, and I am trying to make a decision on whether I would like to blog for real again, or not. But meeting you? At BlogHer? For sure!!

Hey Y'all right back to you! I enjoyed your list and FWIW...fondant is not that difficult to master but...get ready to work those biceps! And if I had one tip to share it's to do a "mini-cake" first. I jumped into a large, square cake and OH what a mess I made! :-)

Here's hoping that you are able to make the trip to Italy (and everywhere else on your list) soon and that you will stop by to see me, Jan, at Unique Baby Gear Ideas www.unique-baby-gear-ideas.com/baby-gear-blog.html.

I LOVE the idea of being content with a calmer life. Rockin' list!

I love "dance at my son's wedding". Also, can you please play mini-golf with Liam forever. I loathe it more than cleaning toilets. I love all of your blog entries lately...such good stuff.

And, like everyone else I am on board for the birthday in NYC. When will this magical birthday be?

Dance at your son's wedding? That one made me tear up. And turning 40 in NYC? I could be into that for sure! 2016, baby!

I'm looking at you, too!

I've changed my mind on paying to go to the BlogHer conference in Chicago, but I still want to come to Chicago and meet you guys! Dinner, a night on the town - woo hoo!

As Scorsese puts it, it was also his first film that actually had a plot. What does one normally do with the drawings and artwork the kids bring home from school. Singing, clapping, IQ test-like tasks, mathematics, talking in regards to a story after looking at pictures and drawing patterns and shapes.

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