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January 14, 2013


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Um. Wow. You are way cooler than me. Alaska! Poland! A Tony! Chris Sarandon! POWER TOOLS! I'm way jealous {and also need some blog back story so I can live vicariously through you}.

I knew I'd enjoy your list... but when I got to the "Made friends with Chris Sarandon" part, I squealed out-loud! Yeah, I bar-hopped with a couple of rockstars... but... Prince Humperdink?! INCONCEIVABLE!!!

Awesome list of accomplishments, Jen!

I loved "lived alone", I did too and it was wonderful. I loved hearing some of your NYC stories on our way to Charlotte this year. All your items made me smile.

Also, your blog and my phone have a hate/hate relationship. I see that my comments on your life list post didn't post. Grrr.

You held a Tony? Awesome.

I've always wanted to drive a zamboni too! I've never truly lived alone though at times I felt like I was.

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