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October 24, 2012


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Aaaaand now I desperately want McDonald's hashbrowns. And I'll take one of those sandwiches too. You can just box that right up and express it, right?

Also smiley bed Dean is the cutest ever.

That grilled cheese looked DELICIOUS. MMM!

First off, yay you for posting a pre-make-up photo! We'll appreciate these someday.

Dean is so adorable... and I don't blame you for caving. When I hide something good (which I'm already doing... Christmas... EEK!) it's heartbreaking when they find it sooner than I wished. But... what can ya do? The surprise has been spoiled... do you deal with a tantrum on top of that? Nope. At least one of you is happy, right?

But onto your photos of FOOD!! Oh, how I miss Mimi's!! We had one in Tucson, and I also LOOOOOVED their grilled cheese!!! Between the photo of that and your yummy hash-brown... made me crave a Sausage McMuffin to go with it! I suppose I should go eat something, huh?! HA!

Your lunch and your work involves theatre? The Christmas Carol no less. How awesome. The hour commute, no so much but everything else -- it sounded like a great day.

You look pretty hot even post coffee/pre makeup. Marcus is one very lucky dude. Love Dean's "Go to work and make the money." for several reasons, 1) it's really cute 2) that he sees a strong, independent woman go to work, enjoy it and still love her family very much. You teach him that woman can be a little of everything and so can he. Also, I love paperwork...I think Katy and I would get along swimmingly.

Love your nail polish color - and seriously? That grilled cheese looks soooo yum

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