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October 23, 2012


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I want to come hang out with you guys for a day! Can't wait to read about all the play prep!

{I'd love to play along with this but I can guarantee I will want no memory of the week I was horrendously over-due with this baby.}

What a treat for this Grammy! You should do this every single day (because you have nothing else to do, right?) so I can see all of you each day. Can't wait for the rest of the week!

Make sure to go add yourself to the LINKY on adventuroo.com! I love the bed head in the first photo. It instantly brought a smile to my face. Oh and the Batman in the tub, that is commitment to a role if ever I saw it. Thinking of you and Mim today. I shall wear some yellow tomorrow in her honor (and yours). Glad Marcus is stopping smoking. We're cheering him and his tootsie pop chewing self on. Almost everywhere we go Liam wants to know if Dean has ever been there before. (heart melt) Can't wait to see your week.

A fun way to blog the memories of the week - loved it! (been a reader for a while - just never make the time to comment!)

THis is a great window into your life. I had Monday off, which NEVER happens usually, and it was awesome. Way better than Friday off, because on Fridays lots of people are off, but Monday feels totally special. Anyway. Your approach to filling the day with and around your child and husband absolutely warms my heart and makes me realize why I admire y'all so much:)

First off -- the bed head = AWESOME! Next up, the e-cigarettes, did they help the quit-process? The hubs has been trying to quit for years. Finally, let me know what app you used to create those fantastic collages! I looked for the pic-monkey app and failed. Love it on my laptop, but I'd love it even more on my iPhone! Looking forward to your Tuesday!

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