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September 24, 2012


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Hooray to "drinking in all the details" of life. Lovely post!

I agree with you about The Green Mile movie. I though it did the book justice as well. I thought it left out some details that would have made the movie a little better, but it was MUCH better than some other book-to-movies I've seen. I say Narrator in a British accent too... it just sounds so much cooler... lol :)

Great post! The Green Mile is one of my favorite movies and books. I went through a HUGE Stephan King phase while I worked at Barnes and Noble in college, and though he wrote a lot of crap, when he veered away from horror {not that all his horror was bad, but there are some real stinkers}, the man could really REALLY write.
And I almost always walk around with a narrator in my head. You're not alone :).

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