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June 02, 2012


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It's fun to me that Marcus has commandeered the rights to reading of Green Eggs and Ham in your house. I would love to do some vlogs with some of the way I read kids books. But, I don't need copyright people knocking down my doors again (like after the song stuff).

Tim's all-time favorite is Goodnight Moon too. :)

Thanks for linking up.

The Piggy and Gerald books were the first books Rowan read on her own~ they are THE BEST.

Please add:

Blueberries for Sal - Robert McCloskey. My favorite book as a child and we still read it before we go blueberry picking.
Jamberry - the rhymes are just charming and kids love to sing along to it.
Henry and Mudge books - kids want to read the same books over and over again. These are at least entertaining for adults as well.

Experts predict that the coastline of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii will see some pretty nasty debris wash ashore; California will have some, but less, as most of it will be caught in a current that will carry it to the pacific islands.

We adore all things Mo Willems. "We Are in a Book!" is pretty clever - when you read it for the first time, and you're wondering, "Why is Piggie starting off with 'Thank You?'" and then you read the book and then you know? LOVE. The Knuffle Bunny series is equally good. And "Amanda and Her Alligator."

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is muy popular around here. And Curious George. And the Stella and Sam books. And the Butterfly Girl series. (We heart Lulu so much!)

We read a lot, too.

I may have to mull this over and come back.

We haven't read Morris the Moose or any Mo Willems books other than the Pigeon Driving the Bus - I'll definitely pick these up! I love Dr. Seuss anything, so do both kids. Oh and we read a lot of Robert Munsch. Megan loves princess stories. It pains me to write this. On the plus side, she doesn't even always need pictures in her books anymore, sometimes I read her a chapter from a big-kid book and she loves it. The Betsy series by Carolyn Heywood is fantastic.

Megan also loves some non-fiction titles right now, like "Life Sized Aquarium" and books about ballet dancing and one from Usborne about how cars are made (I've learned a lot too!).

My 8 year old daughter zoie kin had recently published a book with myself. It's called " how to make a butterfly from scratch " Its about a chef who teaches his daughter a wild story of how butterflies are made. see a sneak peak here http://www.facebook.com/howtomakeabutterflyfromscratch

Non legimus: Morris in ALCES aut aliqua Mo Willems librorum aliud quam Columbam agitantem Bus - I Lorem ipsum dolor pick his excitare! Amo Dr Seuss quidquam si utrumque faciunt haedos. Oh et legitur multus of Robert Munsch. Megan amat filia reginae fabulas. Dolet mihi scribere. Sc plus latus, non etiam semper indigemus imagines in libros suos anymore, interdum EGO legere eam capite ex a magnus haedo libro et illa amat eam. In Betsy series per Carolyn Heywood est fantastic.

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