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March 08, 2012


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Poor guy! I am shocked that the school would serve PB. Our school has so many allergies!

I forgot to mention that the teacher said they have never served peanut butter. He made that part up!

I kind of love that Dean made up the peanut butter thing! Also, I accidentally served cashew dip to a friend who I've known since high school and she had the same hive-y, pukey response and I felt SO SO BAD since I've known her and her nut allergy for almost twenty years! Poor y'all with allergies:(

Yikes, I just saw this! Where have I been?! Poor Dean!! Poor momma! I would have fuh-reaked the freak out, which I'm sure you were... though internally so as not to scare the crap out of your child because you are a good momma like that. File this one under 'Good To Know About My Kid'. Ugh.

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