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January 02, 2012


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So with you on the sky-diving. My sister keeps trying to make me like Brie and I just. can't. do it. And NYC on NYE? Thinking about all those people crawling all over the street like ants makes me nauseous.
I could live my whole life without singing kareoke in public. I think I'd rather lick a spider and I have no desire to do that either as you can probably imagine...

You don't like brie? But it's a CHEESE, y'all! That is like me with eggs. I never want to like eggs. Yuck. They smell bad and taste worse as far as I'm concerned. This makes me a less than ideal brunch companion.

I went sky diving! In 1996 in New Zealand, which for some reason is a famous place to sky dive. Never again, thank you very much, although it was an amazing rush.

I never want to go downhill mountain biking. Or free-diving. Or hold a spider, especially those hairy ones that for some reason are a trend to pay some guy to bring to kid birthday parties.

Great list!

I actually like brie, but I'm with you on the rest of that list. :-)

I've done 3 and 4 and they're over-rated. :)


(I'm sorry, I know I'm late with this, but I couldn't help myself.)

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