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January 16, 2012


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Pork rinds, almost can't even type it.
Cold wet food, maggots or larvae of any kind. Fish scales which is so humorous considering how much I love fish.
Smells are usually what gets me, spoiled milk and burning green wood being the absolute worst.
Do you remember the cologne that Phillip wore during Christmas Carol? Nearly killed me, I held my breath anytime I had to go into his dressing room. And whatever that smell was in the MFA men's dreading room - I still have olfactory nightmares.

Wow. This is an awesome post because I think that is crazy funny that stuff grosses you out!! The tops of tomatoes???? Love it. The shell thing, what if I told you those grow on my boat?!?

Most nature doesn't gross me out at all, but some of it petrifies me---namely roaches.

But, the smell of cold marinara?? I gag every time.

LOL!!!!! This post cracks me up! Some of these I didn't even know! As your mother, who isn't grossed out by much, it's especially funny. Those tomatoes? I'd snatch them up in a hurry before anyone else could get them. The one on the right would make one fine tomato sandwich, after the top was cut off, of course.

Now, shall we talk about words that make you gag? Hmm...? ;)

Mainly for me it's smells. Eggs. Over-ripe bananas. Sardines. More eggs, being cooked any way at all. B.O. Garlic coming out of someone's pores or on their breath. Musty towel smells. The over-ripe grubby smell of little kids (including, sadly, my own) who have missed a couple baths.

Oh and the sounds! Squeaking teeth, nails on a chalkboard, knife on a plate etc etc etc etc.

And more etc.

I have never heard of being so skeeved out by symmetrical worm lines, but I TOTALLY get it!

I need to think about this for a few minutes, to come up with my answers. But right now? I need to tell you this post cracked me up. Too funny!

The spores on the back of fern leaves gross me out too . Plants growing on people too..

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