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January 05, 2012


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What a sweet video! For some reason my favorite pic is him in his Batman shirt, drinking with a straw, and his pinky is up. Cracks me up! :) Happy birthday to him!!

Beautiful! I love the song you chose. It's perfect! The pictures are wonderful and bring back so many memories of this past year with Dean. I sure love my sweet grandboy.

Keaton and I loved the video. Every picture he said, "What's Dean doing now, mom?!"
Happy 4 to a very awesome guy!

Superbly done Jen, especially the music you chose - so perfect. I enjoyed that retro shot of you wielding your old-school handheld mixer .... we expect lots of kitchen-aid stand mixer porn in next year's video!!

Happy Birthday Dean!

Aww, Happy belated birthday Dean! (And happy belated birth-day to you!)

oh my goodness, he's 4! Happy Birthday Dean!!

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