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December 31, 2011


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One of MY goals is to make it a priority to figure out the whole webcam thing. I can't wait for the day I can join you, Eva, and Christy for a Google+ hangout!!

Oh, and I love your goals, especially the one about laying down roots. That is the one thing I feel like Luke and I haven't been able to do successfully all these years we've lived in Indy. Not sure what that means for us yet, but I am ready to explore the possibilities.

All the best to you, Marcus, and the amazing Dean in 2012!

Happy new year Jen! Thanks for sharing - great list! I liked the goal of making the people you live with help to tidy the house - gotta get on that one myself for sure. And about roots. So important, wherever you are, especially when you have kids.

Also: how jealous am I that you got a kitchen aid stand mixer???? I have always wanted one!! Today Megan and I baked and there we were with the wimpy little beater, and I dreamily told her about the stand mixer that we will have someday:)

Get your cavity fixed pronto. I tell you this as a survivor of several root canals - enough that I have two bridges and a pile of gold and silver in my mouth. DO IT!

I'm hoping Brad's out of town as planned a bit this winter so I have more time for online friend chats/hangouts/skypes/whatevers:)

xoxo Eva

Happy New Year! How I would love to be able to include some TV watching, a chat, a coffee and a big hug with you in my list of 2012 plans!!

One day, my darling, one day. Until then, know I heart you, you wonderful, amazing gal, you!!!


Having a blast at Type-A. YES!

And...um...Baltimore sounds like a nice place to put DEEP roots, no?

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