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December 28, 2011


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It was wonderful, Jen, and we thank you and Marcus for hosting this year. I vote for your Christmas menu every year from now on. It was so good! We love y'all so much and always enjoy spending time with all of you.

So glad you had such a great Christmas! Rowan's going to come over with her lalaloopsie treehouse so her and Dean can play together :).

I love that Dean's interests are so across the board! Also, Nathan has the two-piece version of those monster pajamas. :)

We had a very low-key Christmas this year. Church on Christmas Eve, presents in the A.M., and mad cleaning/closet purging in the afternoon. I can walk through my closet for the first time in months! I almost had a "When Harry Met Sally" moment while vacuuming, it was that good.

Oh, and flank steak sounds AWESOME.

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