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November 21, 2011


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Those random days where things seem to come so easy are awesome and tricky, as they seem to fool us into believing we're capable humans :).

Hope your tunny feels better.

Yay for sleeping-in preschoolers! Megan's finally at the age where if we keep her up late she sleeps later and oh my word has this changed our lives for the better!

Also ... I may sound like judgey mcjudgey-pants...but uh, could "Chik Fil A" perhaps have had a role in your digestive issues? For years YEARS I have read about this restaurant on the internet, finally just got sucked into the wormhole that is the chik fil a website. I'm blaming the chicken.

"The 3 year old who keeps trying to sit on my head." are the worst kind to have when you are ill. Hope you are feeling better now.

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