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November 07, 2011


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My dad would dress up like Santa when we were kids and we would take presents to the poor. We always had to give them something of our own too to make us truly appreciate the meaning of Christmas. As we got older, we would do the Salvation Army Angel Tree through church and volunteer to cook and serve Christmas Dinner at the Salvation Army. Truly a humbling experience.

I love that you guys are doing that. Liam decided that ninjas probably live on the Barbie plane shown towards the back of that flier. Heh.

We've done the Angel Tree the last few years, but this year I want to teach him about on-line giving. It'll be an interesting lesson for a 3 year old.

Rowan did the same thing with that catalog! Every single girly toy and half the "boy" stuff was checked which prompted a little talk/lecture about greed. I don't think it sunk in as she started in on the American Girl catalog as soon as I walked away. Grrr.

My 3 year old Andrew did that with the toys r us one too..except for the " girl pages" because those are only for girls and thats silly! We had a talk about the people that collect money ourside the stores. he was curious about what they were doing and why. I explained that they are collecting money for the poor people etc. i asked him if the next time we went to the store (i didnt have any cash on me...) he would like to put some money in the can, and he got excited about that, we are not planning an actual activity but trying to explain the need and help when ever we have the money to do so.

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