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November 20, 2011


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And now I'm hungry for all of those things at 7am and I have to settle for cereal.
I'm a pumpkin pie gal myself, but all those deserts sounded seriously delish.

Chocolate pecan pie. Yummo.

Brad wants to sign up for Alabama Thanksgiving! We did our Thanksgiving back in early October (more of a harvest festival in Canada than a celebrate-the-pilgrims-showing-up festival) so he is pining for pretty much everything you described. Especially the part where you don't serve "tofurkey" like I did this year!!! And the sausage!

We did have pie though - pumpkin, everyone's favourite. That's my vote. Good luck!

My vote's for cobbler.

We're doing upside down turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry-orange sauce, rolls, and green beans and mozzarella casserole.

And, a side of shredded cheese since that's Liams glutton food of choice.

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