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November 09, 2011


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But Tuscon is not a land of dragons and fairy princesses so Mitchel set forth to find adventure elsewhere. Upon mounting his mighty stead "Greyhound", Mitchell...

This isn't a continuation, but I had to tell Kat - Oh, you're good. :)

flew off into the land of never have I ever. He landed softly and tied his steed to a rock. He wandered down a rocky path to a stream...

...where he said never have I ever been so bored. Slowly but surely he carved the letters of the alphabet onto individual stones. He looked down at his handy work and said, "I shall call this Scrabble and women everywhere will be happy." And when women are happy...

...men will surely be, because all will be right with the universe. Women came and played this wonderful new game, were ecstatically happy, and forgot to cook dinner. The men didn't care, though, because...

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