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November 03, 2011


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Looks like tons of fun! Love the pictures!

Looks like you had a great time!

HOW DO THEY SKATE IN THAT STUFF? I can't even skate with a winter hat on without it throwing me off balance?
Mr. Flounder head is too cute.

My grandmother took me to the Ice Capades at Madison Square Garden when I was 12. I loved that day!!! I'm sure he will remember.

Im so glad you guys had a great time, i wanted to take my 3rd old to see it but we missed the show in our area..and i have to say Im just about 4 months prego and I got choked up and almost cried a few times reading how much fun you guys had- darn pregnancy hormones!! lol

Love the hat and the pics of you and Dean. Sounds like a pretty magical day. :)

It's marvelous I didn't know about this until the moment I stumbled upon this article of yours over here. And there is one thing which I wanted to ask you. Do you happen to know how to defend your own ideas from being stolen?

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