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September 13, 2011


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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! The SnoBiz story has me laughing so hard I'm crying! That's so funny! :O

Great stories! We're polar opposites in this respect. I am the person people always seem to take a wide berth around or avert their eyes so they won't have to nod or say hello. I don't get it? Is it a pharemone thing? Perhaps I need to start eating more cajun sausage?

Try having a child who is of a different race. You really draw this type, then. "Does she speak English?" "How much did she cost?" (Haven't had that exact one personally, but I know some who have.) "They kill baby girls over there, you know!"

And then, since we have 2 younger bio children, also. "You adopted and then you got pregnant, didn't you? That ALWAYS happens." (Usually followed by the story of their neighbor's cousin's wife who had the same thing happen.)

No filter...at all...

I love the "you smell" story. Mainly because there are SO FRICKIN' MANY TIMES I have wanted to say what that guy said to you to some stranger who obviously overkilled the curry/cajun/garlic/whatever.

I have had people, usually older women, comment while I am breastfeeding, usually something that I find kind of patronizing, like "good for you for breastfeeding".... it's not like I'm doing it for Random Strangers. Or like I wouldn't have preferred to get somewhere a bit more private than a parking lot or mall bench.

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