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August 16, 2011


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Such a cutie, and that is a great age! I know he will do amazingly well at preschool. We hadn't really considered 3 year preschool, but MJ is on the older in for her grade level, and she just needed something constructive. She did so well, we did it with K, and M will go next fall.

I concur... 3 1/2 year olds ARE fun!!!! I have one who's 3.4. ;D She's been fun from the start, but I wasn't a fan of the rough patch of late 2s, early 3s. However, that stage is finally ending, and I can finally say she's potty-trained without worry that I'm jinxing the process (that made a huge difference in her attitude too!) Very fun. Enjoy & embrace these moments!! I have a 6 1/2 year old. Trust me, this stage doesn't last nearly long enough.

I am so glad you like 3.5. I am terrified of it, as you know, because I love 2 so much. You give me hope, Jen!

Dear Dean,
It is clear you can already cook better than I can. You are hereby invited to Minnesota to be my personal chef. I like anything with Oreos and/or pasta.

Crazy Lady Who's Friends With Your Mom.

(Also, when anyone asks Keaton how old he is he still says TWO. That was like, SO, a year and a half ago.}

Best Grandson of ALL TIMES!!!

I love Dean!!! I need to see him soon! Seriously, I owe you a phone call. And your dad and my dad may get in a fight over the best grandson....

He is such a preschooler eh? No more toddler. I love that first picture - he has fantastic eyes. People don't say that enough about brown eyes, but look at that - proof that they can be amazing too!

And that age thing....OMFG we go through that all the damn time with Megan. Stranger: "how old is your daughter?" me: "Megan, how old are you?" or "ask her!" Megan: (looonnnggg dumbass my momma's an idiot who don't teach me numbers or nothin' silence).

Or Megan: "Two and a half!" (laughs like crazy kid at how silly that is and the stranger just thinks she's two and a half and, uh, inappropriately giggly)

I'm thinking arranged marriage. You in?

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