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August 21, 2011


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I'd love the No-Touch soap dispenser because I'm constantly washing my hands and don't like having to touch the pump. It would help me, a true germaphobe since my kidney transplant, not to have to pick up more germs from the dirty pump. Sounds like a great product!

I had to laugh as I just packed the lysol wipes for school today. But really, since the girls have now started "assisting" me with the housework it is easier to use the wipes since I don't have to worry about them using too much chemical. We wash our hands constantly because the kids do help me with the cleaning, cooking etc. and with two cats and a dog. Well, you get the idea. Both sound like some truly awesome products.

I was one of the original people to like the "Hey Y'all" blog on facebook.

And I do follow you on twitter.

AND I subscribed to your feed. How awesome am I????

Ooh, that no-touch soap dispenser looks wicked awesome. I bet it's perfect for my 4.5 yr old who either uses entirely too much soap or not enough.

I'm following you on twitter. I'm @alldressedup.

Also a fellow Lush writer : )

I liked Hey Y'all on fb : )

I'd love another No Touch soap dispenser. Who am I kidding? I'd love 5!

I follow you on Twitter.

I like you on Facebook.

I subscribed. (entry 1)

I subscribed. (entry 2)

I tweeted.

I follow you on Twitter, did you know??

I liked Lysol on FB.

I tweeted the giveaway. :)

I already liked Hey, Y'all on FB!

I'm already a subscriber, oh yes I am!

Sup!? I'm your bestest friend in the whole world and I would like either product. We have a toddler....

I am all about those wipes. Lots of opportunity in my home for the scrubby side to show off its skills.

I commented on Three And A Half. :)

i'd love to win the lysol wipes, mainly because i'm a user of clorox wipes and i'd love to see how these stack up. also i just moved and i'm broke so free cleaning supplies are a WOOHOO

I'd really like to get my hands on those wipes!

I want to try the No Touch Hand System!

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