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June 15, 2011


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Love the pictures and can't wait to see my boy tomorrow! I didn't realize he'd been stung three times!!! Bless his little heart. It's good I wasn't there. He'd turn into a big ol' crybaby with me there. Give him a hug from his Grammy.

OMG! A yellowjacket? 3 times? Poor Dean! Such a trouper - and the Mahcus thing is totally adorable :-)

he is so cute!!!

3 stings for one little boy? Brutal!

Deano must sound like a little New Englander with his whole "Mah-cus" schtick! Love it! Won't you be sad when he finally pronounces his "r" properly? It will be a sad day here for sure when we no longer hear about "pwe-tending" and "pwincesses."

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