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June 09, 2011


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I'm very proud of all of you! Keep up the good work! :)

Way to go, Dean!!!!

Awesome, we are beginning potty training now that summer has started and I am at home i think i will look at this method because,Parker will not respond to punishment anyway, and suprise another stubborn child!! So glad that you poseted this on fb ...perfect timing...So glad for Dean and yall...btw We bought Morgan a dora doll house when we were trying to get her to poo, and set it by the potty... after some karo to make things easier she finally pooed and we can not to this day (she is *) get rid of the dora doll house she worked for!!!

Morgan is 8 not* lol

Sounds like this approach worked well. My favourite part was where you all checked for dry undies and everyone got stickers - woo hoo!

So how did you do the night time training? You can't ask him to go every 10 minutes while he sleeps....did you just tell him to wake you if he had to go/had already gone???

Congratulations Dean, that's fantastic! And congrats mom :-)

Potty training is possibly my least-favorite thing about parenting - but then again, mine are still young so maybe I shouldn't jinx it ;-)

I had to come back and read this one again... I am looking for moral support. We are starting potty training in the next few days, and I am about as excited for it as I was to experience a third c-section or third wisdom tooth extraction. Pee everywhere? No good.

Your house with the dry undie checks and the stickers & chocolate? Sounds totally fun! (Come train my kid, please?)

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