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April 12, 2011


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I have planned to do some grilling also. Since our weather is never really cold here, I am able to grill outside all year 'round. Today I am in a steak and baked potato mood!

Sunday we had left over pizza (normally it is something quick and easy since we are tired after church). Yesterday was pasta and sausage (with salad) outside on the picnic table. Today was grilled chicken with mixed veggies outside. I am loving the outside and liking the grilling - the kitchen stays cleaner that way! But I have no idea what the rest of the week holds...

Dang, Jen. Those look great!

You win the meal planning game for sure!
We live scary close to four awesome grocery stores, one half a block away, so we just sort of shop every day. Not the most economical way to do things I'm sure, but it's worked out nicely as we always have fresh produce and don't throw out stuff (which we used to because it would go bad).
Brad is away for half of this week so we are having: macaroni (Megan); pureed beets and yams (not together)(Emily); and spinach salad with salmon, strawberries and goat cheese (me). I'm someone who can eat the same food every day no problem, so that's it until the weekend. Grapes and blackberries for desserts.

side note - when on earth did Mexico start growing blackberries? They taste outstanding but I can only imagine that within five years they will take over the country!

Ooh, we really do need to get the grill out!

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