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April 26, 2011


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Your first line cracked me up. (Also, wow, that Easter Bunny is very broad-shouldered. He probably could be a linebacker in the off months!)

So happy your weekend was as lovely as it was!

LOVE the picture of Dean with the fish. What is happening to our baby boys?! They are like giant real-life people now!

I have never taken my kids to see the Easter bunny at malls or elsewhere because he scares ME.

Glad you guys had a great Easter and I'm SO JEALOUS of your weather! I think we'll come down and move in until July when Minnesota's summer will finally kick in.

Panera does have the BEST mac and cheese.

The Easter Bunny brought Liam the same Swedish Fish Eggs.

And, I loooooooooove the pic of him holding the fish.Yay!

It sounds perfect to me! And I just cannot get over how handsome a boy Dean is.

Also, we have yet to do the movies with the kids, but we have talked about Luke and Kara having a daddy-daughter date at the show soon. She will love it. Nathan, I think, would be a disaster!

Looks like you had a perfect Easter time with lot of fun, eggs, chocolate bunnies, entertaining, movie...what can you wish for more. The happiness on a child face worth more than any other thing.

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