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February 02, 2011


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Glad Dean is doing better.

Liam is entirely jealous of you and your massive container of cheese puffs? In fact, I think he wants to move back stage and be in charge of quality control.

Missin' you!

LOL. That picture looks stunningly familiar. I think everyone in theater has been there (or worse *clears throat with shifty eyes*).

I've missed you...but I'm glad you are all well! Look forward to seeing you again.

(P.S. Insane that I am...I signed up for NaBlo in February. I was disappointed w/ myself in December & January & my regularity/quality...so I'm challenging myself again)

Wow I miss cheese balls - haven't even seen those in years!! Enjoy the rehearsing and get on that laptop thing already, we miss you!

Is that a big enough VAT of cheese puffs, or what? LOL! Glad you had a bit of down time to enjoy those. ;)

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