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December 16, 2010


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Dude, either you make this barfing up (another version of whoring out your blog a la "tube tying" perhaps?!), or I have the luckiest luck ever - my kid has barfed maybe three times. Ever. Other than the approximately 4 times she spit up as an infant. Poor Dean and poor-er you!

All that snuggling sounds nice though - I am suddenly realizing how much less snuggling happens as our kids get more and more gigantic. sniff.

Oh my Lord the grapes. Rowan did that to me once when she was 2 and just...EW. Hope things are way less pukey for you today!

Oh, my... That is one of the worst parenting things ever. It is so much better when they are big enough to make it to the bathroom first. Hope Dean feels better very soon!

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