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November 12, 2010


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So glad to read that Jen is doing well. And you are managing your newfound Internet power quite well. Thanks, Christy!

Ouch to peeing after ladybit surgery. Poor Jen. Thanks for the update Christy:)

Bye y'all. Y'all. Y'all.

Hey that IS fun!

Thanks Christy for the update. How can you not love someone who sends a photo of "hospital bling" and uses the word "mah".

Wishing Jen a very very speedy recovery.



This is the greatest blog post ever. I'm seriously considering giving Christy my blog for Christmas. Thanks for all the well-wishes!!! I hurt, but am ok and am in very good hands.

Yay, Jen! What a trooper, I hope Marcus appreciates what you did so that he could avoid the raincoats!

That pic is priceless! I can laugh because there are a couple like that of me after my c-sections...and because you are such a good sport Jen! Not to mention, you GAVE that pic to someone, so in the most loving way I could say this to someone recovering from surgery, you DESERVE to have me laugh. Right? No hard feelings y'all...

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