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November 29, 2010


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Love that you included the Sports Night clip :)

I'm the same way. Sometimes before the lights are even done dimming my eyes fill up and I seriously LOST IT during Ms Saigon. I've never seen the Lion King but I was obsessed with the movie when I was in 8th grade. There might even be a tape of me and my cousin singing the soundtrack in its entirety...

Love this. I thought you were going to post a video of yourself and Dean singing the opening song, with you hitting that note. :) I'm happy that you still feel the magic. It shows that you're doing what you were called to do. :)

Yay! Loved the clip. I love seeing Liam enjoy something that I already do. :D

Oh my gosh, you posted "Sports Night"! What a great show.

And I have yet to see "The Lion King" all the way through. What? Lions just didn't do it for me as a teenager. But maybe I will give it a try for you - someday. :)

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