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November 04, 2010


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I had a grad school professor that asked us, "Have you ever added anything to a list, just so you can have the satisfaction of crossing it off?" Most of us honestly had to say that yes, we had done that very thing. Every time I think of list making, I'm reminded of that. Now that I have 3 kids, I don't make as many lists as I used to, just for the simple reason that I don't have time. I HAVE to have a grocery list when I go to the store, though, and if there are major projects that need to be done, I revert to my list making self.

You are SO my daughter! I make lists, too, and love to check things off. It makes me feel productive. Now that I'm more mature in years (notice I didn't say "older"), I make lists because I can't remember anything! I like your reward system, too. I may incorporate that into my routine. :)

Ah another list maker- you are a girl after my own heart.
I tried out the notes section on my iPhone for lists but deleting something once completed just does not give the satisfaction of physically crossing something off.
And I might be known to do something not on the list and then write it down after the fact just so I can check it off.

Yup *raises hand* another list-maker here.
It helps me remember the important stuff and it's so satisfying to cross something off your list :)

I am the Queen of List-Making in my family. Heck, probably in my whole state!

And I like to use paper and pencil/pen for my lists. It just feels good to check things off and know that I got it done.

I love to check things off a list!

I am glad you blogged, because I specifically logged into my reader to see if you had a post today...we are only a few days in and I didn't want you to forget!

So, I am still looking in my wee town for a snuggie that I owe you a picture in!

I do best when I have a check-list, but I find them annoying because I actually have to get things done. So, I just make them for when I have lots to do :)

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