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November 11, 2010


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Thinking about you. Take care!

I'll be thinking good good thoughts for you! If you can make it without coffee that long this surgery thing should be a piece of cake.

PS. I want that percocet recipe. Sounds delicious!

You're definitely in my thoughts :)

P.S. How in the WORLD were you able to sit calmly while they took SIX vials of blood? Oh dear... I have the same vein problems as you -- they always take from the top of my hand, and even those veins try to run away, often resulting in blown veins (and a nauseated Heather.)I'm kind of stressing at the frequency I'll have to have blood work done now. Uhg... I'm getting queasy just thinking about it!!

I don't know why I didn't realize they would be putting you under for this. DUH, Frema. Now I am a little nervous for you. Will be looking for Christy's updates and sending positive vibes your way!!

You were one of the first people I thought of this morning, with your upcoming surgery tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and I hope that all goes perfectly.

I seriously care, a lot. Let us know how it goes, big positive prayers headed your way, my friend.

You are in my thoughts for sure. Megan is getting excited about chocolate drop muffin day in your honour! Good luck with the surgery, the needles, the anasthesia, the recovery...all of it.

And good on ya for (as Christy said) "whoring out your blog" by getting your tubes tied during nanablomoplopwhatever month. Traffic's up! Strategy worked!

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