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November 08, 2010


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I say: Good for you! Even after five kids and a pretty good sense that we're "done," we've still not made that ultimate decision. But, I sure wouldn't mind not having to get "the shot" every three months and then get rid of the extra 15 pounds the hormones have helped me to gain. :/

And I'm very glad you're getting help for afterwards. My twin sister had her tubes tied, and experienced a lot more pain after surgery than she was expecting. I don't say that to scare you, I'm just saying I'm glad you are prepared!

Good luck with everything!!!!

Wow. I've gotta ask how your husband got out of the "Big V" though! I'm on the IUD (Mirena) at the moment. From my experience -- after the initial 6-8 weeks of spotting and occasional cramping, I barely have a period, and when I do, it's light and only one day of cramps. I LOVE my IUD, it's so much better than any other method we've tried, and I've tried them all! But I do understand your hesitation. I still have about 2 1/2 yrs left to make a permanent decision, but after 2 c-sections (1 emergency, 1 scheduled) countless forms of birth control pills, etc, I've paid my dues. So if/when we decide that our family is complete, we've already agreed that it's the hubs turn. ;)
Best of luck to you this week!!!!

oh "real life" freinds. <3 love you jen.

You'll be fine. :-) I was the one in our household, too, but I had Essure done. It's been great for me, and it was nice to have it done outpatient.

Aww, thanks for sharing with us on the ole' Internet. I know it's a tough decision, but as someone who is an only child, may I just say that I LOVE IT.

Keep us posted on how you're feeling, mama!

I would also like to know why you are having major surgery as opposed to a little snippety and frozen peas for the other party?

(I am not making light of a vasectomy, okay, I am, but I have work friends who are in and out and recovered in a few days.)

It sounds to me like you guys have weighed all the options and are making the very best decision for your family. I'll be thinking of you all day on Friday, perhaps sending some virtual chocolate your way, and wishing you the quickest recovery possible.

"Party hats." Love that!

I agree that you guys have made the best decision for your family. Here's to a speedy recovery and rolling around in all that extra money you'll have on account of living, ahem, "plastic-free."

Thinking of you, Jen. I hope everything goes well on Friday.

This is definitely one time that I think having your tubes tied is a great decision. You know medically you have to be done with kids, and like you I wouldn't want to have to deal with anything else in terms of birth control. Praying for an easy time on Friday!

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