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November 14, 2010


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Walk, seriously, I know you hate me for saying this but walk. It will make things get better faster. I walked 3 miles the day after my neck surgery, walked all over the place the day after my gall bladder surgery and my c-section.

I hate pain meds because they make me loopy and jittery at the same time (not a great combination) and with my history there is always the ever present fear that I could get addicted. Hence the large bottle of loratabs missing only a few on my shelf.

Hugs to you all and a speedy recovery. Call if you need anything,


I love that you wrote a letter to your body, what a great idea.

Thanks for letting us into this experience- I wish you a VERY speedy recovery.

Glad you are feeling okay. Hopefully before too long you will be back to normal!

As for websites - check out ScrapbookSteals if you want to see some awesome layouts and cute items (using mostly paper). The Facebook page has even more things to look at if you go to the fan photos.

Poor girl. I'm glad that you did well for your surgery. Keep getting better. :)

Don't really do etsy, but if you are not on socialshopper.com, groupon.com, or babysteals.com....get ye there STAT!
Glad recovery is going well. The first pee (and subsequent pees for days) after de-catheterizing SUCK. I feel your pain! Take care and thanks for sharing all this!

I am so glad the surgery went well. I thought of you all day long on Friday. It's so good to have great care at a hospital and I love that your experience was filled with TLC.

I'm glad everything went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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