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November 05, 2010


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Awwwwww, so so sweet! This is such an awesome age. My littlest guy turned 3 in September and I am positively in love with him right now. It's so fun to watch him add new words to his vocabulary, understand more in conversation, and show more and more of his personality every day. I love this letter and know you are a truly awesome momma!

Dean? You are awesome. Also you might have to fight Keaton for Tinkerbell's affections. Don't worry though- he has a short attention span so I'm sure you'll win out.

Okay, that made me cry. Dean is growing up so quickly and he really does have such a great sense of humor. I love his sweet voice and the funny things he does. He's truly a blessing, and you and Marcus are wonderful parents. I love watching your little family. I'm so blessed to be your mom (and I remember having the same feelings you're having - it doesn't get any better!) and Dean's grandmother. Enjoy every minute, Sweetie.

What a handsome little man!!!

We started potty-training Nathan in April and he was doing great until I had an impromptu 5-day visit to my parents' house, where I forgot the potty seat. He's had little to no interest since then. Joe (my husband) and I are totally okay with it, but we are getting external pressure. I think it's mostly because all of our local friends have girls, who were potty trained at 10 months, or something crazy.

I'm freaking out about three also. I don't know why.

Three is big, it is kind of the "little kid" stage...no longer babies, can't really even get away with toddler.


Dean acts so much like Abigail - nice one minute and a terror the next. And the tantrums - oh how they are fun because they do know what they want. But, I love this age none the less.

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