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October 12, 2010


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Yummm.... I want some leftovers! Although, I currently have plenty oven-roasted potatoes, grilled pork chops, homemade spaghetti sauce, jumbo meatballs and cheesecake brownies in my kitchen. Yeah... it's been a stressful week here too :)

Turnips?? Really??? Please enlighten us as to what can be done with turnips!

I made your chocolate pumpkin muffins on Sunday- Bill didn't even help! They were excellent- Rowan's new favorite!

Two people made your muffins on Sunday...cool.

I am gearing up to make chili on Thursday....big giant pots of chili...mmm..

I would not be offended if you baked me something. ;) Something with butter cream would be yummy. I wish the baking gene hadn't skipped me.

Are you going to do NaNaBlowPop (or whatever it was called) again this year?

I wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to cook these wonderful things (and motivate me to do so!).

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