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September 16, 2010


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Just getting through my rss feed is time-sucking enough but the worst is when I find a great blog (that the rest of the world has known about for 17 years but I am SLOW) and I get caught up in the archives. When I discovered Amalah 2+ years ago I was a completely useless wife and mother for more than a week. Same thing happened a few months ago when I found Hyperbole and a Half.
It's also possible that I'm no stranger to MamaPop and people.com.

How did I forget to list MamaPop??? That's my favorite, especially for tv show recaps.

Aw, man. Please add Auto-Tune the News to my previous comment.
Thanks a lot.


You know me, McDark! I spend my time on blinkoncrime.com and websleuths.com. I have to keep up with how many people have been kidnapped today and/or murdered. It's a guilty pleasure!

My current addiction is Youtube, I've also got a folder full of sites I've bookmarked to visit on #socialsat

Facebook - ScrapbookSteals mostly these days...

It was Sploofus. Which is gone now :(

Oooh, I just got on Skype this week. I haven't used it yet, though. I probably look like a dork on the webcam and don't really know who I'd talk to. Feel free to find me sometime. We can catch up some! That is, if I can pull myself away from FarmVille long enough... Derek's mom got me addicted, even though I vowed it was the devil and would never, ever play.

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