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September 15, 2010


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Awesome, Jen. We so need that kind of connection in our lives even if it's only a once in a while fix. Bravo to you and to Cherrie a very cool chick too! XO, TK

Wow. Sounds like an amazing trip. It's so rare that people are even aware of what they are meant to do, let alone to have the gumption to go ahead and do it.

What a blessing! I'm so happy you had that chance to reconnect with Cherrie.

It is wonderful to have friends of all ages, from all walks of life that you can spend time with. I recall way back in high school, for some reason I thought you could only really be friends with people your own age. Boy, was I wrong!

That's awesome! Hooray for relationships that ebb and flow and change as we need them to. Especially those that get better with age.

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