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August 19, 2010


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I think 5th graders should get the social media talk right after the birds and the bees talk.
Every time my 14 year old niece updates her facebook status I, 1.) cringe and 2.) Thank the Lord that FB and Twitter didn't exist until well after my high school years. And it's not just her (bless her little angsty emo heart) it's people as old as 23-24. Now granted a lot of these people are maybe questionable souls in general, but I do not want to know if your "heart done broke and know (sic) i'm (sic) gona (sic) murder da (?) b**ch".

There is a whole group of people that have grown up with this tool and are desensitized to the actions and reactions of what they write.
I'm with you- I definitely scrutinize my fb posts (twitter not so much though I probably would if I used it more). Also 25 sounds like an appropriate age to start the kids. It's honestly probably the only way they'll make it without embarrassing themselves and/or getting into trouble.

Completely agree... I once sent a private message on FB to a former co-worker asking him if I could use him as a reference when job hunting. Little did either of us know that his work e-mail address (which is what he set as his contact as) had not been deleted when he left. The guy who took his place came across the email generated by FB, saw my name on it and proceeded to open and read the message. He then thought it would be a good idea not to tell me where the message ended up, but my BOSS. Fortnately, my boss was cool about it and reprimanded that guy for reading email that didn't belong to him. That guy lost all of his character points in my book that day. All that to say, you never know where your "private" messages will end up.

I am fairly careful about what I write. If I mention work - it is over the "standard" nature. I try not to give specifics about other people or say anything that isn't the norm. But, I have hidden people because of some of the weird things they say. And they are in their 30s! Luckily, the "friends" I have that are high schoolers on FB are smart about it - nothing they wouldn't share with the world (other than a few inside jokes, but even those are nothing bad - just weird).

jen, tis so true my new friend, so true! these people [young ones] that is, live in a virtual world for a great portion of their everyday lives and they fail to remember that the internet is indeed, NOT VEGAS! what happens on the internet, does not, i repeat, does not, stay on the internet... i too would have been in more trouble than i already was back in the day...hell, i am still in trouble today. but, i am learning to practice the wait 24 rule before publishing, [for the most part] and i can walk away from the keyboard a helluva lot easier than a face to face argument! ;)

I too am extremely glad that social media didn't exist when I was in high school or college. I certainly would have gotten myself into gobs of trouble for posting without thinking.

I have a niece that joins FB groups like I hate so-an-so teacher and I just cringe and how this could affect her. I guess it's a lesson this generation will learn via school of hard knocks.

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