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August 11, 2010


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Wow look at you, party animal!

We are muy jealous of the swag. Especially all that play-do and Potato Head!

Did you feel excluded from a clique or any of the other stuff I've always read about from bloggers at their first Blogher? Looks like you did just fine, but I'm curious.

We weren't lucky enough to snag a Mr.Potato Head, but I did but in a good effort in the Swag Exchange room.

I too loved the Honeydew drink at Martha's, but was underwhelmed by the party as a whole.

Did you do the photo booth at CheeseburgHer?

You are such a lovely, warm, funny woman, wasn't the meal with @taverndirect amazing?

I am still waiting for my swag to arrive via UPS. Next year I am bringing an extra suitcase. I think it would be cheaper to pay to check an extra suitcase on the plane than to ship two boxes by UPS. Ah well, we live and we learn.

That swag - COOL!

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