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July 26, 2010


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great entry as usual! i'm moving back to the vallo on the 7th so we should get together soon after! I know that dean's grown so much >_<

See you at BlogHER - I'll be ready and waiting for ya!

We're always looking for new out-of-the-house activities, too. And trust me when I say there is not a whole lot of options in our very small Southern Illinois town.

Fin is currently taking a 'Scribble Tots' preschool art class out of a private home here in town. I'm excited because all of their projects are kept secret from the parents, to be revealed at a 'Clothesline Art Exhibit' after tomorrow's final lesson. In the instructor's backyard. So cute.

Our library's Story Time group ends this month & won't reconvene until September. We're gonna miss it.

I think this fall I will start her in a toddler gymnastics and/or dance class. I've also kicked around the idea of piano lessons - her art instructor said by fall she may be ready for 15 minute lessons. We shall see.

Oh, and for what it's worth, your posts always make me smile! :)

Sign me,
Still Bitterly Jealous Over Your Upcoming BlogHer Trip

I'm thinking it would be a better idea to do the zoo over Christmas break. Bonus, they have lights then, too, right?

Hope I find you at BlogHer - I'm so looking forward to it!

The crafts they do in schools? Yeah... so not happening in my house for so many reasons. You aren't alone there :)

Most of our classes are done now until the fall so if yesterday's a predictor we'll be spending it in our jammies playing princess/prince and watching movies. Eh. I'm OK with that.
Can' t wait to hear your take on BlogHer- you're gonna have a blast!

Yeah, I vote for the movies! Theaters are air-conditioned ;-)

I hope you have soooooo much fun in NYC!! And don't worry, you won't need the pantyhose there - just pack a couple of cute summer dresses and some shorts and cute tops and you are good to go!

Also, don't feel bad if you feel like skipping the talks to browse through the city and hang out with other bloggers ;-)


For the record, I like random posts. :-) And, at least you're blogging. I blame the fact that my blog has become a photo repository for the grandparents on the fact that we have 3 kids under age 5...craziness!

I can't wait to see you at blogher :-)

One of the libraries in town does summer story time, but we haven't made it - AJU5 didn't want to go and then AJU6 started to nap too close to storytime. But, I definitely want to get back into going soon.

And kids and water/pools - they really make us think! They keep changing their minds and aren't consistent (or at least I think so).

Have fun at BlogHer!

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