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July 08, 2010


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That sucks! I blame the Baja salad for the wasps. You know if you'd been able to get the Taco Salad the bees would have stayed away.
I've never been stung by anything. I figure I must have some bee charming pheromone in me, but I'm scared I'm allergic and if I do ever get stung I'd keel over.

OUCH! I have not been stung by a wasp, but I have gotten stung by a bee...it actually hurt less than a fire ant bite, oddly enough. However, my gramms is allergic to wasps and my son fire ants....I am thinking if I got stung I might have the same reaction as you! :)

And eww about the salad. I second they bring back the Taco Salad!

So scary - glad you are Ok! And BOO on Wendy's for messing with your salad!

Oh my goodness!! How frightening!! I've only ever been stung once and I'm grateful to not have been allergic. I don't know about my kids though, so I'm always freaking out when I see bees or wasps!!

Definitely liking you on FB ;) (if I can get FB to work properly *beats it*)

OMG that's so scary!! I am so glad you are ok!!

Damn wasps :-(

im glad you are ok mama jen!!!! and glad that manny bj could come to the rescue. ;)

Wasps are assholes. As are the Evil Fast Food Powers That Be who obviously conspired against you for the sole purpose of denying you your FFIR (Fast Food Inalienable Rights). They may even have had a hand in the wasp attack, you don't know. I say you sue them both.

I hate wasps... I've only ever been stung once, but I thought my arm was going to fall off. I thought I was allergic and I was home alone. I kind of just sat there waiting for something terrible to happen, but all it did was throb and feel like fire. Glad you're okay --- BJ is a hero!! And that SUCKS about the Taco Salad. Write a letter of complaint!!! Demand they bring the salad back or else...you'll sic a swarm of wasps on them.

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