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July 15, 2010


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Beautiful tribute, Jen.

This really is a beautifully sweet tribute to an obviously lovely lady. I'm so happy that I was able to see her in Holiday Memories. I'm also happy that you had a chance to know her and to be friends with her.

sonja was a great, great lady, and a good friend. her performance as mother courage in chicago was a wonder. i will miss her. warren leming

In her Chicago days I acted with Sonja in four shows and directed her in two--in the latter category one being Samuel Beckett's "Not I." Her disembodied mouth was a marvel of energy and control, of intelligence harnessed to hypnotic rhythm. The person behind this mastery was warm, funny and thoroughly kind. How I wish we could rewind the Earth and find a way to keep her with us for what should have been a much longer life.

I worked with Sonja many years ago in Chicago. She was an amazing talent then and I'm glad to see that she touched so many after I lost touch with her. Thank you for your memories of her. It is such a comfort to me to think of her married to a nice person, working in the theatre that she loved so much, having good friends, and being in a place where her kindness was rewarded.

I just found this post and was saddened to think that my dear friend and roommate from the early '70s had made her transition at such a young age. We connected in community theatre -- she was the lead in "The Lady's Not for Burning" while I did the lead in "Man of La Mancha." We complemented each other in many ways -- we used to say that she was Anton Chekhov where I was Eugene O'Neill. I was suitably impressed by her first professional engagements at The Goodman in Chicago. I am grateful to learn that she made a good life in the theatre with a supportive husband, and friends and colleagues who loved and respected her.

Just thought of Sonja. Didn't know she had passed. She was a terrific actress. Saw her many times in Chicago theater when I was a grad student at Goodman School of Drama. If I remember correctly, she played Dunyasha in Cherry Orchard with Nancy Marchand as Ranevskaya. It was a great production. Sonja was excellent. Thanks for writing your tribute. By the way, you're an excellent writer. Good luck to you!

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