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July 01, 2010


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You know most of my quirks, but I'll tell you, anyway.

Only white napkins and paper towels are allowed in my house. I refuse to use printed ones because they look like something an old lady would use. And we know, I'm not old - yet! Just decrepit. :)

I have to have the house relatively straight before I can sleep. Can't stand to have hampers full of laundry, thus leading to the washer and dryer going pretty much every day.

Only Charmin Ultra Soft TP and Bounty paper towels and napkins. Talk about your paper products snob. I know. I need therapy.

Hate anything that squeaks. High-pitched noises hurt my ears.

I'm sure your daddy could list many more of my quirks, but I'll stop now, lest anyone think I'm certifiable and call the guys in the white coats to get me.

Oh! Does the ticking of clocks get to you like the words "moist" and "juicy"? HA!! Sorry. Had to do it. ;)

Do I have quirks? (don't answer that)

1. I'm a coffee snob: I prefer fresh ground and only two types of store bought. Tom makes hands down the best coffee in the world (mine pretty much sucks). I can't get out of bed in the morning until I hear the coffee grinder going.

2. I don't clean the litter box.

3. I love goldfish,especially Pizza and extreme cheddar. We always have these in our house.

4. I feed my children whatever they will eat for breakfast; sometimes its a spoonful of peanut butter, sometimes its pancakes, lately its been a lot of poptarts, whatever I can get Sam to eat.

5. I am not a toilet paper snob BUT I really love the select a size paper towels and pay extra for those.

6. I'm allergic to laundry detergent so we always use the free and clear and we don't use dryer sheets. We use dryer balls which do essentially the same thing only your clothes aren't all perfumey and the dryer is louder.

7. I think people who have perfectly clean houses have a personality defect and I only clean when I can't stand it anymore.

8. I use the really nice white paper napkins because they feel better.

9. I think vinyl table clothes are a work of the devil and must be abolished from the earth. We use woven place mats and regular table clothes.

10. I think all women should be provided the perfect moisturizer and a really great pair of tweezers when they turn 30. A chin hair has been known to distract me so badly that I can't get anything done. And yes, I do find other people's chin hairs to be just as distracting.

11. I'm not ready for my daughter to enter puberty. She was showing me the down she has under her arms last night (with no small amount of pride I might add). This really freaked me out.


Mother (J): You are evil.

Kat: I'm not prepared to accept the fact that Sam is blossoming into womanhood either. Also, I feel the same about chin hairs. I have this bad habit of discovering them in the car (usually the rearview mirror), so I keep tweezers in there just to cover all the bases.

Mamma JEN! Your blogs are so entertaining. <3

Even though it is an essential part of our day, Bill and I refuse to spend more than $10 on a coffeemaker. And why YES we do have to purchase a new one once a year when it dies and YES the coffee does taste like old dirty socks for the last two months it bumbles along. I don't know why we do this to ourselves but I just purchased Chefmate #5.

I will go green on every cleaning product I have except Windex. Am snob with Windex. It claims it's naturally green but COME ON, IT IS ELECTRIC BLUE. Not buying it. Except for the fact that I'm totally buying it.

Jen - not evil, just a bit mean. :]

Kat - I think I'm your mother. I'm with you on the totally clean thing, too. I just need my house straight so that I can walk through it and it makes me feel like it's clean. ;) Also, I like select-a-size Bounty. Oh, for your kid's breakfast, try making a face with hashbrown potatoes as the hair, an apple slice for the mouth, cheese cubes with a raisin stuck in each for the eyes, and anything you can think of for the nose. Yeah. That's what I had to do for Jen. She loved it and I had fun making it.

Love ya, Jen!

Love this! A few of my foibles (in addition to using the term 'foible' in a sentence):

I think cinnamon gum tastes like spit.
Can't stand the smell and feel of fabric softener and don't use it, ever.
Also hate the smell of scented deodorants - on me.
The sound of someone (namely, the hubs) trimming their nails with nail clippers sets my teeth on edge & makes my skin crawl.
I hate the word 'slacks'.

I wash my hair in the evening, get it mostly-dried with the hair dryer, then go to sleep in order to wake up with curls and minimize frizz. And only every other day. And most washes are actually just conditioner - shampooing happens every 7-9 days only. That's curly hair 101, which took me approximately 34 years to master and is bound to change after baby #2 is out and my hormones AGAIN change my hair.

We buy toilet paper that is the most recycled/green stuff we can find. I hate bright white TP. The more granola the better for TP. It totally offsets...

The fact that we use this foul chemical-laden scrub-free stuff to clean the shower and tub, and comet to clean the kitchen sink.

We do use hippie window cleaner though, and have even gone through phases of vinegar solution for windows! That is, when we clean windows and mirrors, approximately twice a year unless (like now) our house is listed for sale in a buyer's market.

I have never made a menu plan, dinner or otherwise. You win on this one!

Jen: Promise me you will never use blossoming, womanhood and Sam in the same sentence ever again. I started hyperventilating and Tom got concerned. I think 10 is too young for anything other than baby dolls and Scooby Doo.

Jenny: Sam won't eat hash browns, rice, hot cheese (unless its on cheese pizza), milk, and potatoes (unless they are french fries). On the upside, she loves fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken, just not starches. The downside (and why she gets to eat things like poptarts) is she is somewhat underweight (like hasn't gained a pound in over a year underweight) and has a great aversion to most things breakfasty. Paige on the other hand would be all about the hashbrown doll.

Loved this (again!) Holy crap! Free Dreft AND Huggies for a year?!

Dare I admit I never even used baby detergent for Marin. Oopsie, child three. Sorry!

Our house, which is run mainly by myself since Kevin works so much, is subjected to my quirks, and if (when!) these poor children ever enter the real world...therapy. Just in the last couple weeks have I allowed my boys to put milk on their cereal. KJ is almost EIGHT YEARS OLD and has been eating dry cereal his whole life because it grosses me out to deal with soggy cereal aftermath. Marin is almost two and has neither experienced milk on cereal nor syrup on pancakes. All popsicles, and watermelon, are backyard foods only. This keeps the peace, and keeps the sticky mess to a minimum.

I don't think I ever realized that I do all of these things until I put them all together here. Yeeks!

Who washes their hair everyday?

My biggest thing is that I believe that Apple Cider Vinegar can cure the world. Seriously, it's good for so many things.

I love me some Up and Up brand.

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