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June 09, 2010


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It sounds (and looks) like y'all had a terrific time!! So glad you were able to visit with family and I know Deano had a blast with his cousins. Ahh, isn't summer fantastic?? :)

So much fun!! It's wonderful that you all had that time together. Adam and Dean make a great team. Lukas is a doll. Can't wait to see y'all next weekend!!

Hey, you're back! It seems like you've been gone a month though I know you haven't. :) Good to hear from you, chick.

Looks like you all had such a good trip! Love the pics - every one you post of Dean makes me think about trying for a boy (hubs be damned) and that nephew of yours just about did me in. What a cutie!

Um, do you not have Costco in Alabama?! We love costco too! I've been to costco in Maui, Washington State, Oregon, and California as well as many Canadian cities and suburbs. Am that easy to please just like you!

Glad you had such a great trip. Jealous of the heat - I am wearing a wool dress (lightwieght but still, WOOL IN JUNE) and boots today and carrying an umbrella:(

We missed you! So glad you had a fun trip. (And I refuse to accept that that (very adorable) baby boy is only 3 months. He looks about the size of Rowan at one year!)
"Cocka-DOO!" Dean just cracks me up.

Oh my gosh! Lukas is adorable!

Your time in DC sounds lovely, with the catching up and picnic... sometimes living far from our families makes it even more fun to actually visit and spend time with them, doesn't it?

That sounds awesome! I laughed out loud at the mention of you and Marcus inspiring lust in the animal world. (Your mom...wait, that's just taking it too far.) I also love the idea of a ten-day vacation.

Oh, and Dean is such a big, big, grown-up boy! So handsome.

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