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June 14, 2010


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There are so many trade offs with where to live. We live almost halfway between our two families. There are times we wish we lived closer to them, but that would mean we would be farther from the other side. So, we live were we have no biological family, but we do have a great church family here!

Petting zoos are evil.....


You look so pretty!

And I'm still sad about not being able to swing BlogHer this year. We need to get something going for our corner of the Internet. Emily from "Not That You Asked" is doing the Blathering again this year, this time in Chicago. Just an idea.

Since you lived in NYC, you probably have a whole list of great places to eat. I haven't been to NYC in a very long time and I will be there for 7 days for BlogHer. Would you post a list of your top 10 favorite places to eat? That will give me an idea where to go while there!

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