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June 27, 2010


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Oh I love decluttering - doesn't it feel great? I can't imagine the thrill of decluttering AND making money from it - heaven I'm sure.

Good for you! And darn it now I feel like cleaning out all my closets.

i need to have a yard sale to get rid of all the crap we had in that poor dorm! Congrats on being clutter free though! :]

Wow girl, you are Superwoman! So efficient! I cannot believe you kept your wits about you for the duration, I would have gone bonkers after an hour.

I have never been inspired to do a yar sale, but reading your post might have just gotten me inspired to give it a go :-)

oh girl, spending money for blogher. I'm still trying to save enough money to buy a new dress. way to go with the sale!

Sounds like pure craziness, if you ask me! I've never been brave enough for yard sales -- having one OR going to one. Truthfully, they kind of scare me. The screaming children, crazed bargain shoppers, early morning set-up.... NO THANK YOU!! Glad it all worked out well for you though!! I know the extra cash will be nice :)

I can't WAIT for Blogher-so excited and it will be my first one. All lined up for the parties I want to attend and everything.
Maybe I should have a garage sale for some extra spending money? Great idea!

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