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June 17, 2010


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Wow! Thank you so much for this list. I am putting it on my iphone for the trip (a few months ago I would have said "printing it out for the trip" but I have turned into a total iphone junkie.) And if you ever make it down to the Houston, Texas area, I'll give you a list of places to eat here and this is a real foodie town too.

Last time I went to NYC I was a mostly-vegan and found the best luck for food was at the many delis where I could build these amazing salads with the world's best selections of pickles and fun other add-ons. Yum! Also - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pretzels from the carts with the big salt and some deli mustard to cut the dryness.

And ick to TGI Fridays etc. I totally agree- don't do it in New York City please!

As for Starbucks, well, there seemed to be more Starbucks in NYC than even in Seattle so that can be how you get your familiar tasting coffee in if you don't make it to a diner and can't stomach the coffee from the carts (which sensitive flower me always found too acidic even though I loved the paper cups with handles sooo much).

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