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June 24, 2010


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So, would having NetFlix or cable be cheaper? We love NetFlix for the live streaming. AJU1 watches old shows like A-Team, AJU5 gets some extra Veggie Tales, and I get some shows like Man vs. Food. Something to think about if you want to save money...

Oh, and the potty training thing - so with you! Luckily the switch to cloth will save us money int he end. But, I am getting addicted and having a hard time not buying more styles!

Very, very impressed with your made up word.

Budget makes me squinchy, too, but I'm the only one that does it because Bill's all "Money! Let me spend it!" and very much subscribes to things like "guesstimating" and "ballpark figures", aka, things the bank isn't really forgiving with.

Keaton HATED the original potty we got him- getting the baby bjorn one made all the difference for him. He didn't like the inserts either, preferring a stool and then holding his own self up and positioning himself without spraying the bathroom with the fruits of his bladder. Dean will figure out what works best for him and I firmly stand by gum as a reward (although I know Dean isn't a sweets guy- Keaton likes the spicey red gum the best!)- just about anything was worth not having to worry about diapers. Dean's time will come- brilliant minds can't be rushed, you know...

Okay I know this is several days late but I just wanted to interject a mozzarella stick tip. I haven't done it myself but here's the trick I read about and plan to utelize: first dredge the cheese sticks in flour, then eggs with a little milk, then panko (seasoned if you like). THEN FREEZE THEM for 20-30 minutes, so that when they go in the hot oil, the cheese doesn't melt before they've been in long enough. Hope it helps for next time!!

I hate money stuff too but it is for some reason way easier to deal with as a couple. When I was on my own I always seemed to have some little debts, car payment, credit card, whatever. Now ... nothing! Just the bigass mortgage and daycare payments.
We'll be in the car shopping market later this year I think. A 2003 Civic with two carseats may be a tight fit and the stupid two door Jeep (which Brad would like to point out has piles of after-market off-roading features) is even worse. Grrr.
Good luck wtih the potty/toilet training stuff. Maybe Dean just needs a break and less pressure and focus on it for a while and he'll come back to it when he's good and ready.

I love talking budget, and loved reading this one. :) I hear you on the no compromise on fresh fruits and vegetables when you're trying to scale back. They are expensive, but it's a must in our house. Also, I don't have internet on my phone. Instead I call Kevin at random times from the car (also too cheap to use 411) and ask him to Google this number or that, or tell me how to get somewhere (also do not own a GPS.) Wayyyy behind on the times, but okay with it. I'm sure he loves hearing from me umpteen times while I drive, hahaha.

Also while I'm taking up space in your comments section, I love that Dean has an apron up there with his name on it. How sweet is that!?

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